Best Forex Demo Account – Create a fx account

Best Forex Demo Account – Create a fx account


Are you thinking to start online trading, but you want to understand better how it works?

A demo account is a great idea because it allows new traders to practice trading without losing real capital.

That’s why we want to show you some brokers that offer this option.

All the brokers in this list offer free forex demo accounts.

Best Choice

$ 100 Deposit
  • Minimum Deposit:$100
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*72% of Retail CFD accounts loss money.
$ 50 Deposit
  • Minimum Deposit:$50
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*67% of Retail CFD accounts loss money.
$ 10 Deposit
  • Minimum Deposit:$10
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*Capital at risk
$ 200 Deposit
  • Minimum Deposit:$100
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*Capital at risk
Comparison Table Includes
  • Minimum Deposit:
  • Ratings:
  • Demo Account:
  • *:
  • Minimum Deposit:$100
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*72% of Retail CFD accounts loss money.
  • Minimum Deposit:$50
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*67% of Retail CFD accounts loss money.
  • Minimum Deposit:$10
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*Capital at risk
  • Minimum Deposit:$100
  • Ratings:5 star
  • Demo Account:
  • *:*Capital at risk


$ 100 Deposit


$ 50 Deposit


$ 10 Deposit


$ 200 Deposit

Today all the best fx brokers offer the chance to train with a free forex virtual account before starting with real money.

In this article, we’ll also explain to you what a forex demo account is and its advantages.

Keep reading to learn how to trade with ZERO risks!

A virtual profile comes with virtual funds for you to use. Depending on the broker this ranges from $10.000 to $100.000. However, for all situations, there are always enough funds to test trading with.

What Is A Demo Account In Forex?

demo forex account

A free demo account for forex is like a normal forex trading account, the only difference is that it uses virtual money.

This type of trading allows you to trade as much as you want with virtual money.

All the trades you open are in virtual reality. This means you can trade without the risk of losing money.

Of course, any profits made in this setting can’t be withdrawn because it’s all virtual money.

It’s a very useful tool for all the traders without much experience and is completely free.

Another bonus of using this feature is that the platform is always near identical to the real trading one. It’s possible to do everything that is featured in the normal trading version.

This is a great way of building forex trading skills and learning different strategy methods.

Many traders use it to test out their own trading strategies and see which ones work best for them.

Here you can learn more about what is forex.

Professional traders can also benefit from using a free demo account. The main reasons are because they can test the platform speed, spreads, and commissions.

All the fx brokers today offer the opportunity to open demo accounts for free.


How Do I Open A Forex Demo Account?

As we’ve already mentioned, all the brokers listed offer the opportunity to open a demo account for free. It can either be the MetaTrader 4 version or their own self-developed one.

First, you’ll need to choose which forex broker you want to use. We have featured some of the best and regulated ones here.

There are different things you need to consider in a broker: the spread, the maximum leverage, and the commission. Some online broker’s commission costs are fairly high.

After that, it’s necessary to sign up with your personal details which will include your name, email address, and contact info. You may also be required to set up a password.

After these steps are complete you’ll be able to open a MetaTrader 4 account or a normal trading one.

Finally, once you’ve entered into your platform, you just need to select the demo version. This will take you to the practice version automatically.

From there you can start trading with the virtual money for free.

It’s normally quite simple to switch between your real money and the virtual version.

Most brokers will have a switch button featured in your platform control panel. You just need to click on that to switch between the two accounts.

best forex demo

Usually, a demo account doesn’t have an expiry date, which will prevent you from using it further. However, it’s always worth checking directly with the broker to make sure.

Normally most platforms will be available as long as a trader needs.

Most traders use it for around 2 weeks.

Why 2 Weeks?

Why? Because the majority of 15 days are considered the perfect time to test a demo account.

In 2 weeks there is the opportunity to practice with all the short-term strategies and different indicators. But most of all it’s the perfect time period to open and close different long-term positions.

After opening your free demo account, it’s very important to decide which trading strategy to use.

Forex Demo Account Metatrader 4

metatrader 4 demo


Every trader has the opportunity to open a free Meta Trader 4 Demo Account to test their trading skills. There are 2 different ways to open an MT4 account:

  1. On the Meta Trader 4 platform or App
  2. With a Broker using the MT4 platform

Let’s see the difference between the 2 methods.


Demo Account on the MT4

If you want to open a demo account to test your trading skills and your strategies for free, you can directly do it via the MetaTrader 4 website or App.

The only thing you need to do is to go on to the MT4 website, sign up, and select the demo option. By default, you’ll have an account with $10.000 of virtual funds to spend. It’s also commission-free and you can use the account for as long as you want.

There is also the opportunity to add as many demo account as you want with the starting capital that you wish. The one negative aspect of this type of account is that you can only trade on the major currencies:


The use of indicators is not possible too. The use of indicators is not possible too. This is a better option if you’re new to forex trading, and want to see if trading is something suitable for you. 


Demo Account with a Broker

The other option is to open a demo using one of the best brokers which has the MT4 platform. An example is BDSwiss.

In this case, it’s necessary to open a free trading account directly on the broker website and then download the free MT4 application from the same website.

Once you have the Meta Trader 4 application on your desktop, you just need to add your broker to it and log in with your personal details.

This type of demo trading has from between $10.000 to $100.000 of ‘funds’ for you to spend on test trades. It’s also the best way for you to test your chosen broker.

You can trade in all the assets and have the same trading conditions you’d have in a real one (spread, commissions, swap, etc.).

The bad thing is that once you finish the free money in your demo, you must create a new demo account with new virtual money. We find that $10.000 is just enough to do all the possible testing on the platform.

There are also trading platforms where it’s possible to open a free demo account in their private platform which is not the Meta Trader 4.


Forex Demo Account with IQ Option

best forex demo

Don’t assume that trading online is easy.

You need to learn to read the graphics and understand how the market could potentially move.

There are trading tools available to help you analyse the graphics and the market.

With a test platform, you can practice for free the analysis tools and use the various indicators. As previously mentioned, you can also test the different trading strategies and become confident with the trading platform.

A demo can help you to do all of this without any risk and no time limit. In fact, we’ve already said that with a demo there isn’t any real money involved in your trades.

You’ll just use free virtual money, not real money.

There’s nothing better than the demo account offered by IQ Option.

IQ Option is a respected and fully regulated forex broker that offers a free demo account without a time limit.

The account comes with $10.000 for every new trader and you don’t need to make a deposit in order to use the demo account.

The broker doesn’t work with the MetaTrader 4 platform, but they have their own trading platform which is of a very high standard.

It’s possible to open a minimum trade with just $1. This means that you can open many trades to test every strategy and indicator.

This is what IQ Option offers:

  • demo account with $10.000 of virtual funds
  • the minimum position of $1
  • same conditions as the forex real version
  • no need to deposit
  • free of fees
  • commissions free

These features are great because the broker understands that traders need some time to learn how to trade forex. With these conditions, everyone has enough time to practice and to feel confident about moving to a real one.​

Why It’s Good to Use a Demo Account

For many forex traders, especially beginners, they may not have a clear idea about how trading works.

It’s also hard to see how good a trading platform is, that’s why having a demo is essential.

Investing virtual money helps for many reasons:

  1. Allows you to test your own trading strategy for free
  2. To test the trading platform
  3. Test to see if trading is something for you

Each of these points is very important before starting trading. The majority of people who are not profitable in trading and have made mistakes, usually do because they didn’t start with a demo account.

Another reason can be that for some people trading just isn’t right for them.

Other times traders may not be satisfied or have a good feeling regarding the chosen platform. That’s why testing a platform and having some good trading strategies are very important.

This is why it’s always good to start trading with a demo version before using a live trading platform.


Spreads and Commission in Demo

The most important factors for a forex trading platform are commissions and spreads.

These factors vary depending on your chosen trading platform.

If you choose a broker with no commission, then their demo account won’t have commissions either.

About the spreads, we can say the same thing. For instance, the demo account spreads are the same as the real version spreads. The spread is basically the difference between the bid and the ask prices.

In forex, the ‘bid‘ price is the amount in which you’ll be able to sell the base currency. The ‘ask‘ price is the amount at which you can buy the selected base currency.

The only difference between a real account and a demo account for most of the brokers is the leverage.

For example imagine that in a real account the maximum leverage is up to 1:30 for European clients, and up to 1:500 for traders outside Europe. Then in a demo account almost all the brokers offer a standard leverage of 1:1000.

If you’re not sure what leverage is, the best way to think of it is as a multiplier. It lets you trade with more funds than you actually have in your account so you can gain bigger profits.

However, leverage can also make losses worse which is why it’s important to use the stop-loss tools and be aware of how much leverage you’re using.

A good demo account will let you get used to the leverage process without the risk.


Demo Account Virtual Funds

When you use a demo account you’ll have access to a number of virtual funds for you to spend on test trades.

The amount of funds changes based on the forex & CFD broker that you’ve chosen. For example, IQ Option offers $10,000 of virtual funds, whereas eToro offers $100,000 of virtual funds.

We would suggest that any amount from $10,000 or more is ideal to test with. Anything less than that is probably not enough.

You want enough funds to be able to make plenty of test trades with on the demo account. And if you run out of funds, remember that many brokers will refresh and top up your virtual fund’s balance.

That’s why you need to check the terms of your selected demo account and if it comes with a time limit or not.


Forex Demo Account Without Time Limit

demo account on forex

A lot of people who wish to start trading, usually decide to do it with a practice account. As we have explained in this page, using a virtual account is risk-free.

But what people are really asking themselves is: for how long can I use a forex demo account?

Most demo accounts have no time limit. Usually, a broker offers a free demo account that a trader can use for as long as they want. The only time it would come to an ‘end’ is when there is no virtual money left to spend.

So the only way a demo account would expire is when the money in it is finished, but it’s possible to request a new demo account from the broker.

Many brokers will also automatically top up your virtual funds when they reach a certain amount.

With these aids, it’s possible for you to continue learning and testing the platform.


Forex Account Renewal

To get in touch to request a renewal, most brokers offer a helpful customer support team.

You can contact the support team anytime, should you have any issues regarding the practice account. This can include asking for a new demo account or requesting a renewal.

You can normally get in touch via LiveChat, email, or phone call.

Some brokers also offer a FAQ or help page directly on their homepage. You can search for answers to questions you may have directly on the website.

Whether questions about forex trading or demo accounts, the customer support team will be able to help you, so feel free to get in touch.

Because so many brokers are available to clients across the world, the customer support service is normally offered in multiple languages besides English.

We’d advise that as soon as you have any issue, get in touch with the customer support team. They’ll be happy to help.

Usually, forex brokers list the terms and conditions for using a demo account so you can double-check the features listed. This should include the expiry time (if there is one), plus the number of virtual funds that you will be able to ‘spend’.

It’s really a vital tool to have, that’s why we’d highly recommend that everybody checks out the demo accounts on offer from various forex brokers.

From there you’ll really be at the start of your forex trading journey.

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