Trading 212 minimum deposit: how much is it?

Trading 212 minimum deposit: how much is it?

trading 212 minimum deposit

The Trading 212 minimum deposit is $1. This applies to all 3 types of accounts: CFDs, ISA and Invest account.

You can make your first minimum deposit using a credit card, a bank wire transfer, Skrill and many more payment methods.

Making the minimum deposit doesn’t have any cost and the broker doesn’t apply any fee on it.

When you proceed with the minimum deposit, it means that you transfer some money from your personal bank account into your Trading 212 investing account. That money will be used for your investments in the platform.

Let’s see now everything in detail.

Overall Rating           4.7/5

Deposit & Withdrawal 5/5

Account Security      4.9/5

Trading Platform       4.7/5

Fees & Commisions 4.4/5 

Customer Service      4.6/5

Account Opening     2.8/5


How to make a deposit to Trading 212

To make the Trading 212 minimum deposit you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open a Trading 212 account
  2. Enter into your Account using your username and password
  3. Go to “deposit funds”
  4. Enter the amount of money
  5. Select the payment method
  6. Select the account for the minimum deposit
  7. Submit your request

Making the Trading 212 minimum deposit is very fast. The platform is very user-friendly and there are only few steps to follow.

Once you have created your account, the broker will send a confirmation email.

You can then log into your account by using the email and password you chose during the registration.

Inside the account, you can also click on the button “Deposit” at the bottom of your screen. From there you will be directed to the deposit fund page and follow the steps above to fund your account.

When you decide the amount of money for the minimum deposit, Trading 212 already gives some choices to click on: $1, $10, $100, $200, $1000. If you want to deposit a different sum, you just need to click on “custom”. This allows you to manually enter how much your minimum deposit is.

The next step is the payment method. Trading 212 has many methods available. The most common ones are wire transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. For any method you use, the process is totally safe and secure. It is exactly like to make a purchase online on Amazon or any other website.

If you make the minimum deposit with a wire transfer, your money will be accredited in 2-3 working days.

Trading 212 has 3 types of account: CFDs, ISA and Invest. These accounts offer different services as you can read on our Trading 212 review.

If you make the minimum deposit onto 1 of those accounts, the money can be used only for that account and not the others.

For instance, if you want to trade CFDs and make the minimum deposit into your CFDs account, you can’t use that money for the ISA account.

Finally, when you click on “submit”, your request will be processed and accredited into you trading account. When this happens you will receive a confirmation message on the website, followed by a confirmation email to the address you connected to the account.


Trading 212 Deposit Methods

trading 212 deposit method

On Trading 212, you can deposit using different payment methods:

  • Credit card Visa or Mastercard
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Local Payment method
  • Gpay
  • Paypal

You can select the method you prefer by selecting it in the list. Trading 212 is the only accepting minimum deposits made with Gpay (Google Pay).

Paypal is also another of the favourite methods used by traders.

Depending on the selected method, your money will be deposited in different times.

Payment Method


Credit Card


Wire Transfer

2 - 3 working days









If you make the minimum deposit with Gpay, Paypal, credit card, Skrill or Neteller, your money will be immediately accredited into your account.

If you proceed with your credit card, you need to enter the credit card number, expire date and the 3 digits code behind the card. This is a normal procedure required by all online websites. Once the minimum deposit has been done, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you proceed with Paypal, Skrill or Neteller, you simply need to click into the icon and then enter the email address of your account. Once you have done that, just click on “Submit” and the money will be immediately accredited into your account.

If you proceed with a wire transfer, the waiting time is usually of 2-3 days. In that case the procedure is slightly longer. You need to go into your online bank and select the option to make a wire transfer. From there you need to enter the name of the receiver, the IBAN, the BIC code and in the subject your trading account number.

All these details can be found into your Trading 212 account, once you have clicked on “Bank Wire Transfer”.

Finally when you make the minimum deposit with your local payment method, the time depends on the method itself and the Country where you are based.


Trading 212 Deposit Fees

trading 212 fees

Trading 212 does not charge fees for deposits. This means that what you want to deposit will be fully accredited into your account.

For instance, if you want to deposit $1000, the whole $1000 will go into your account. This applies for every type of account, every amount of money you want to deposit and every deposit method you select.

The only fee you might pay is when you deposit with a wire transfer. This is normal on all banks when you make a transfer outside your Country.

Trading 212 is an English based company, which means it has its bank in Great Britain and Ireland. If you are not from those Countries there will be a small transaction fee applied by your bank.

If the minimum deposit is made with one of the other methods, it will be totally free.


Deposit Currencies

Making a minimum deposit on a currency different than yours has usually a conversion fee. This doesn’t apply if the broker has already the platform based on that currency.

Trading 212 covers already 9 different currencies.

You can select yours when you open your account. All the most common ones are in the list:

  • GBP (British Pound)
  • Euro
  • USD (American Dollar)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)

A lot of trading platforms already offer this service in order to help traders reduce their costs.

If you are based in a country which currency is not supported by Trading 212, you will have a small conversion fee to pay.

In this case you account will be credited in Dollars, which is the traditional currency for online trading.

If you want to reduce the conversion fee, you can use the services provided by Transferwise and Revolut.

These 2 companies offer a sort of bank account, where you can transfer money from one currency to another and pay very small conversion fees.

For the same reason, these services can also be used for withdrawals.


Is it safe to make the minimum deposit?

Yes, depositing the minimum sum on Trading 212 is totally safe. The broker is secure and regulated as we have already mentioned on our review.

Trading 212 UK LTD is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the licence number 609146.

Trading 212 is also registered by the Bank of England and Wales.

Thanks to these regulations, the company is allowed to operate in the market and your money is safe. Trading 212 provides also a protection up to £85.000 by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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