Trading 212 fees: Complete Overview

Trading 212 fees: Complete Overview

trading 212 fees

Trading 212 is a fees free broker. The broker applies some spreads on its CFDs account and some small fees on the ISA and Invest account.

Before analysing every aspect of the Trading 212 fees, it is very important to differentiate between commissions and spreads.

A commission is a fix fee a broker applies on every investment a trader does on the platform.

The spread represents the difference between the ask and bid price of an asset. It is a markup the broker applies on a real price asset, to make a profit. Some brokers have very high spreads, others very low.

Finally, there are also the no-trading fees, which are fees related to deposits and withdrawal.

CFDs Account

Invest Account

ISA Account


0,7% - 1,2%

0,7% - 1,2%


1,2 pips*



Deposit Fees




Withdrawal Fees




Inactivity Fees




Let’s see what commission Trading 212 charges how its spreads are.


Trading 212 Commissions

The Trading 212 commissions are a type of fee applied mainly for stock trading.

The commissions applied by the broker are averaged when compared to other brokers.

This means that doing a range between the cheapest broker and the most expensive one, Trading 212 can sit in the middle.

Trading the equivalent of $1000 for each stock, Trading 212 charges an average of 1% commission.

This means that on our example we paid about $10 of commission.

The fees Trading 212 charges are different from stock to stock. For the major stocks such as Apple, Google, Tesla or Vodafone the range goes from 0,7% to 1,3%.

For other types of stocks they can be higher.


Trading 212 spreads

The spreads are charged when doing CFDs trading.

Trading 212 applies different spreads depending on the “popularity” of a specific currency. They are also average in the market when compared with other brokers.

For major currencies such as EURUSD Trading 212 applies a spread of 1,2 pips. This spread is also applied for other major currencies.

For other less common pairs such as NZDJPY the spreads are higher.

Testing the platform we have noticed that the spreads don’t change much with high volatility, but stay stable at their normal price.

When Trading 212 applies a spread, does not apply a commission on top. This means that only one type of fee can be charged at the same time.


Trading 212 deposit fees

The deposit fees belong to the group of the no-trading ones.

In this case Trading 212 is commission free. This means that the broker doesn’t change any fee when you deposit into your investing account.

This applies for all deposit methods: credit card, wire transfer, Gpay, Paypal, Skrill and your local bank method.

The amount of money you want to deposit doesn’t change this rule either. Starting with $1 or with $10.000 is always fees free.

You can also deposit and any currency and there isn’t anything to pay.

Trading 212 is available in 3 main currencies: Euro, British Pound and American Dollar. When you open a trading account you can select the currency you prefer.

Once you make a deposit into your trading account, if the deposit is made with a currency different than the one you have selected, the broker doesn’t apply any exchange fee and will just fund your account with the equivalent of want you have deposited in that moment.


Trading 212 Withdrawal Fees

Trading 212 does not apply any withdrawal fee. This means that the money you have selected to withdrawal will be accredited into your bank.

This is a unique feature the broker offers.

On Trading 212 you can withdrawal into a credit card, a bank account or a Skrill account. For any of these choices the broker remains fees free.

The amount of money you want to withdrawal doesn’t change it either. You can withdrawal $100 or $10.000 and the transfer will remain commissions free.

When withdrawing the broker let’s you decide what currency you prefer. By selecting the same one of you bank account helps you avoid any exchange costs.


Trading 212 Inactivity Fees

Many brokers in the past applied an inactivity fee. This is a commission which was changed once a trader opened an account but didn’t trade with it for a while.

Trading 212 doesn’t apply any inactivity fee.

This means that you can open an account and trade with it whenever you want. If you want to take a long break from trading and start again after 1 year, you are totally free to do it.

The broker won’t charge you with any commission because of this.

To learn more about the broker and its features click here.

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