Plus500 Review – is Plus500 safe?

plus500 review
Plus500 LTD
♛ BEST ONLINE BROKER – 4.9/5 ★★★★★

Plus500 Review – is Plus500 legit?


Plus500 is a leading CFDs broker, so it’s very likely that you have heard of it. That’s why we want to share with you our latest Plus500 review so you can know more about it.

We have tested this broker’s platform and also looked at the minimum deposit plus the amount of CFDs that are offered by Plus500. 

By the end of this review you’ll know how to open a Plus500 account, how to trade with Plus500 and finally how to withdraw money.

Most importantly we have researched and answered the question: is Plus500 legit?

plus500 reviews


As mentioned below in the review, Plus500 is a legit CFDs broker and is fully regulated. It’s considered one of the top and best trading platforms.

Here you can see a comparison of Plus500 vs. IQ Option

But why are many people start trading with plus500?

See our review below to learn more. Let’s get started!

PLUS500 General Information

  • Minimum Deposit : $100
  • Minimum Trade : depends on the asset
  • Leverage : up to 1:30 in Europe / 1:300 outside Europe
  • Assets : 2000+ (CFDs on Forex, ETFs, Indexes, Stocks & Commodities)
  • App : Yes
  • Demo Account : Yes
  • Trading Webinars : No

Overall Rating           4.9/5

Deposit & Withdrawal 5/5

Account Security         5/5

Trading Platform       3.5/5

Fees & Commisions  3.5/5

Customer Service      4.7/5

Account Opening     4.6/5

*84% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Plus500 Availability

Plus500 is a global broker that is available in many countries. For instance it is available in Europe, Africa, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.

In Asia there are a few countries where Plus500 is not available. These include China, North & South Korea and Japan.

However, the broker is available for traders based in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Plus500 is also currently not permitted in the USA and Canada.


Is Plus500 legit or a Scam?

Plus500 and its subsidiaries are fully regulated by official monitoring authorities. So you can be reassured that the broker is regulated and not a scam. They are secure to trade with and are a reliable broker.

Here are the main regulators that they’re are monitored by:

  • Plus500UK Ltd authorized & regulated by the FCA (#509909)
  • Plus500CY Ltd authorized & regulated by CySEC (#250/14)
  • Plus500SG Pte Ltd, licensed by the MAS (#CMS100648-1) and IE Singapore (#PLUS/CBL/2018)
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd (ACN 153301681), licensed by ASIC in Australia, AFSL #417727, FMA in New Zealand, FSP #486026 
  • In South Africa, Plus500 is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) under licence FSP #47546.

Plus500 was founded in 2008 by a team in Israel. During this last decade it has become a leader in the CFDs market. In 2017 the broker also introduced the chance to do cryptocurrency trading as part of its assets.

Since they launched, the broker has achieved many things and reached some key milestones.

For example, they now process millions of trader transactions each month and in 2018 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Although Plus500 was created in Israel, today the broker has many branches around the world including Cyprus, United Kingdom and Australia.

As you can see from the list of regulation licences, all subsidiaries of Plus500 are regulated by the authorities of the country that the office is based in.

For example, Plus500UK Ltd holds a regulation licence from Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are well supervised by many important financial bodies and a legitimate broker to use.

Plus500 Key Features

plus500 review

Listed here are some of the key features of the broker which are good to know:

  • Plus500 Minimum Deposit: $100 and for UK £100
  • Minimum Trade: Is different depending on the traded asset
  • Leverage: up to 1:30
  • Assets: 2000+ (all CFDs)
  • Plus500 App: Yes
  • Plus500 Demo Account: Yes
  • Platform: Plus500 trading platform

Plus500 uses a self-developed trading platform which is very easy to use and legit.

The platform Plus500 is available for every kind of smartphone and computer. Traders can use the online version of the platform which can also be downloaded onto a user’s computer. The download can be done directly from a trader’s personal Plus500 account.

The Plus500 minimum deposit is just $100. This is lower than the average minimum deposit in the online broker market.

Finally, the platform has all the main trading assets and many more. There are over 2000 assets in total.

Last year Plus500 also introduced cryptocurrency trading which convinced many clients to start trading with Plus500.


Plus500 Demo Account

To open a Plus500 demo account, you just need to follow few simple steps. It’s similar to the steps mentioned in the ‘How to Open a Plus500 Trading Account‘ section of this review.

Except instead of selecting a ‘Real Money’ account to setup, you must choose the ‘Demo Account‘ option.

So to open the virtual account, sign up to Plus500 on the official broker homepage. Then you need to choose the demo mode option and enter your email address and password. This process is secure and legit.

plus500 demo account

The Plus500 virtual account gives you $40.000 of virtual funds to practice trading with. This virtual money allows you to test your trading strategies and to try the platform usability.

It’s very important to remember that what you win on a Plus500 virtual account remains virtual money. So although you don’t win any ‘real’ money, the bonus of the virtual account is that trading is legit and risk free. Plus you won’t lose any real capital, because it’s all virtual funds.

Opening a Plus500 demo account is for free and you don’t need to deposit any initial funds to your account in order to use the demo account.

plus500 review switch account

To switch between the demo account and the real trading account is easy.

You can either select the account mode from the login screen, or change accounts with the ‘switch account‘ button at the bottom of the main trading page. See the illustration above for reference.

When you will feel confident enough to start trading with real money, you can proceed with the Plus500 minimum deposit.


Plus500 Cryptocurrency Trading

The broker offers the opportunity to also trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs as part of its assets offering. Their availability subject to regulations.

This option is also available for the demo account. Let’s see how it works now in this part of our review:

plus500 cryptocurrency

Trading cryptocurrencies means speculating on their trend.

For a lot of people this kind of activity is more profitable than normal cryptocurrency acquisition. This is because trading is a faster activity and a single investment can be done multiple times in a single day.

Yet this can also bring some losses.

With Plus500 it’s possible to trade in cryptocurrencies using CFDs.

You just need to enter into your trading account and select the interested crypto in the search bar on top. Cryptocurrencies you can trade on for example are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • IOTA
  • NEO

These are the major cryptocurrencies you can choose from on Plus500. Each of them is tradable by itself or against other cryptocurrencies.

As for the normal trading here you can also choose to buy or sell the currency pair, to set up the take profit and stop loss and even set up a pending order.

With the new ESMA regulation, the maximum leverage on these assets is 1:2 for traders within Europe.

Finally, after deciding the size of your trade and if you want to buy or sell, you can monitor the progress.

Progress can be viewed by clicking on the ‘open positions’ button on the left side of the trading page, where all the other traditional trades are listed.

Plus 500 Bitcoin Trading

So now you know that with Plus500 it’s possible to trade cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto in the world in terms of trading volume.

The Bitcoin price increased a lot in 2017, so a lot of people wanted to trade and invest them.

Is Plus500 legit to trade Bitcoin? Yes, this broker is a perfect trading platform to do it.

Trading Bitcoin with Plus500 has many advantages:

  • you can start trading with just $100
  • free Plus500 demo account
  • low spreads
  • no commissions

When trading it’s possible to buy or sell.

Finally, having the opportunity the trade with a stop loss allows everybody to prevent potential losses.


Plus500 Spread and Commission

For every trading platform, the most important thing a trader should know about is the spread and commission. One of the good things about this broker is that there are no commission fees for any kind of deposit or trading activity.

The broker applies a small spread for every asset like most other CFDs trading platform providers.

Whilst for some markets the spread is fixed, for others it’s adjusted according to the market spreads and movements.


Plus500 App

plus500 app

Like most other important brokers, Plus 500 has an efficient trading App.

In fact Plus500’s trading App is one of the highest rated in the Apple Store for CFD trading applications.

Quite impressive when there is a lot of competitors in the application market, but it really deserves the high ratings because it’s a great product.

The Application is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also download the application to any Windows smartphone, if you happen to own one.

It’s possible to find and download the Plus500 App directly from your trading account or from the broker’s website. If you have an iOS/Android you can also download it for free from the Google Play or Apple Stores.

The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive with a clear layout. It’s also possible to receive live price notifications which is great if you wish to focus on day trading. 

The first deposit and withdrawals can be made with the App too.

Trading with a mobile App today is very important. With a lot of people having busy lifestyles, it’s a great way to trade at anytime and from every place with the App. This App is one of the main benefits we wanted to mention in this review.


How to Open a Plus500 Trading Account

It’s quite simple to open a Plus500 trading account.

Plus500 allows you the opportunity to decide from the start if you want to open a real forex trading account or a demo account.

Whether it’s a real or demo account, both options are fully legit and reliable.

Once you sign up for an account you’ll have the chance to use either option.

An important point to mention is that it’s free to open a Plus500 trading account. There aren’t any additional costs or hidden charges.

The first step is to go to the Plus500 website and select the account mode you wish to use. Either the ‘Demo Mode’ or the ‘Real Money’ account. For this example we will select the ‘Real Money’ account.

plus500 minimum deposit

Once the ‘Real Money’ account has been selected, you need to register with an email address plus a password and submit it.

plus500 trading account

When you have provided your personal details for the account setup, you will be able to enter the platform trading page.

However, to use and trade on your ‘Real Money’ account you will need to deposit funds to the Plus500 account. This is easy to do and depending on location you can use either credit/debit card, electronic wallets or bank transfer.

To make a deposit click on the ‘Menu‘ tab on the platform page then ‘Funds Management‘ and ‘Deposit‘.

For further information on depositing funds and the minimum deposit, see the ‘Plus500 Deposit‘ section in this review.


Account Review and Verification

When your Plus500 account has the funds deposited, the final step is account verification.

Customers must verify their accounts as not only is it required by law but also for security reasons.

Depending on the country you’re in, your identity verification can done electronically, or in some places you may need to submit specific documents.

These are the types of identification documents that are needed:

  • Proof of Identity (POI) – so a Government issued ID/passport
  • Proof of Address (POA) – so a bank or credit card statement/utility bill
  • Source of Funds Verification – this is not always required, but to prove that you’re the owner of the funds on your Plus500 account, you may need to provide a scan of documents related to your payment method. So maybe a bank statement or the front of your credit card.

The identity documents can be uploaded from the main platform trading screen. Simply click on the ‘Menu’ tab and then select ‘Account-Upload Documents.’ As well as the platform, documents can also be uploaded via the Plus500 mobile app.

The verification process will start when the documents have been uploaded. The Plus500 team will let you know if there are any issues with the documents. The process is very simple.

When your account has been verified you are ready to start trading. 

Next, let’s see in our Plus500 review how a new trader can use & open a position with this platform.

How to use Plus 500

Trading with Plus500 can be done with its intuitive platform. Everything is on the same screen in one place.

We’ll show you now in this review how to use it.

plus500 how to trade

All the images are not for trading purposes.

After you’ve made the first minimum deposit, on the left side of the screen, click on the button that says ‘Trade‘.

Here the trading menu will pop-up. It’s possible here to find all the tradable assets.

Traders can decide between traditional assets such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Gold, Oil, etc. There are also many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Towards the bottom of the platform there is the chart. Here it’s possible to analyse the trend and decide how to trade.

Every trader can check how their trades are going from the ‘Trade’ button menu. There it’s possible to see the open positions, pending orders plus all the closed positions.

Towards the top of the page, you can see the updated trading balance in real time.

When you decide which market to trade, you just need to click on ‘sell or buy’. You will have this trading window in front of you:

plus500 review

(*The image is for illustrative purpose only)

In this window, it’s possible to choose how much money you want to trade.

You can also set the prices of stop loss and take profit plus the pending order prices. This can be done by clicking on the advanced section.

Finally, when everything is set up, you can open your trade by clicking on the big blue button that says ‘buy‘ or ‘sell‘. 


Plus500 Minimum Deposit

There was some deposit information featured already in the ‘how to open an account’ part of this review.

Here we will go through in more detail how you can make the minimum deposit to your account so you can start trading.

plus500 minimum deposit

To make a deposit, Plus500 accepts these payment methods:

  • credit card or debit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • bank / wire transfer
  • Skrill or PayPal

The minimum deposit is just $100.

If you proceed with making a bank/wire transfer, the money will be in your trading account within 3 to 5 working days.

Making a deposit with one of the other payment methods listed is faster and the money will be accredited in a few minutes.

To make the deposit on Plus500, simply click on the ‘Menu‘ tab on the left hand side of the page. The ‘Funds Management‘ menu will appear and here you need to click on where it says ‘Deposit‘.

Select the amount you wish to deposit plus the payment method and click on the blue ‘Make a deposit‘ button to finish.


Plus500 Withdrawal

It’s easy to make a Plus500 withdrawal and it can be done anytime directly from your account.

Plus500 Withdrawal

To access the withdrawal page from your account click on the ‘Menu‘ button on the top left side of the page. The ‘fund management’ tab will pop open, from here click on ‘Withdraw‘.

This will take you to the withdrawal page of your account where you can select the amount you wish to withdraw and submit the request.

It’s important to mention that Plus500 doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees! There is no withdrawal fee with this broker which is great if you’re looking to avoid extra costs.

The withdrawn funds will be returned to the original payment method they came from when possible. For example if you deposited funds with a debit card, the withdrawn funds will be credited back to the same debit account.

Please note that for security reasons the broker may ask you to verify your payment method before processing the withdrawal request.

The withdrawal request will be processed in 1 to 3 working days by Plus500. The funds will be showing on your payment method depending on the processing time of your bank or financial institution.


Withdrawal Methods

These are the withdrawal methods available from Plus500:

  • Bank / Wire Transfer
  • Electronic Wallets – Skrill or PayPal
  • Credit or Debit Cards

Although there are no withdrawal fees, you should know that all withdrawal methods have reasonable minimum amount limits that have to be met. The minimum amount thresholds are shown on the main withdrawal page during the withdraw process.

If the withdrawal amount is below the minimum amount threshold, the broker may not be able to process the withdraw request.

Plus500 Support

You can get in touch with the Plus500 support team anytime you want. To do so, the platform provides various ways of getting in contact.

They offer an email service, WhatsApp message and a live chat option that is available 24/7.

One of the very professional Plus 500 support agents will be happy to help you with any problem or doubt about the trading platform, the Plus500 App, the demo account or the minimum deposit.

If you would like more information on their regulation licences so you’re assured that the broker is legit, just send them an email.

Our review of the support service so far is positive and they have been helpful with our queries. The support chat service also has a good feedback rating online, with over 90% customer satisfaction.

Plus500 Review

To make sure every client has the best service, Plus500 provides its support service in multiple languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Slovak, Danish
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Norwegian
  • Bulgarian
  • Hebrew
  • Chinese

Conclusion Plus500 Review

At the end of our Plus500 review, we have to say the online trading broker positively surprised us.

Is Plus500 legit? YES, the broker is legit and reliable to trade with thanks to all of their regulations.

Plus500 is very user-friendly. Some traders might not like it because it doesn’t have the MT4 or MT5 platform and all the advanced indicators. However, its usability and structure make it very competitive and intuitive to use.

The Plus500 minimum deposit in one of the lowest in the market.

The plus500 demo account is very well done and it has the same trading conditions as a real account. This is a great option if you are looking to practice different trading strategies without risking real funds.

Lastly, to end this review, the plus500 App has never had important bugs, which is vital for a fluid and trouble-free trading. So this broker is a good option for those looking for a secure and fluid app to use.

*84% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

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Plus500 is a perfect choice fore forex trading. The platform has been built for that and today it counts million of traders.
All types of currencies are available: USD, EURO, GBP, JPY, NZD, AUD, CAD and many more.
It is also possible to invest on indexes, stocks and commodities.
The interface is very user-friendly, this is why it a good choice if you want to invest in Forex.

As mentioned before, Plus 500 is a safe a reliable company. The platform is fully regulated by several institutes. This is why we can say that it is reliable and you won’t risk any scam situation, investing with Plus 500.

Connected with the previous question, Plus 500 is not a scam.
As we said the broker has many regulation and all traders can withdraw their money any time, once their account has been verified. To know how to verify the account please read the section “Account verification” on this page.