How much is the Pepperstone Bonus?

How much is the Pepperstone Bonus?

pepperstone bonus

Many forex & CFD platforms offer bonus rewards and promotions to their clients, Pepperstone is one of them.

 They are a leading online broker that offers various bonus and rebate schemes.

 But what’s available and how can you get involved in it?

 To help you with that question, we’ve taken a look at the Pepperstone bonus types, as well as how you could benefit.

 Let’s get started!

Overall Rating           4.6/5

Deposit & Withdrawal 4/5

Account Security      4.5/5

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Fees & Commisions  4.6/5

Customer Service      4.1/5

Account Opening        4/5


What is the Pepperstone Bonus?

 The interesting thing about Pepperstone is that they offer various ‘rewards‘ as bonuses.

 For instance, they have a popular ‘refer a friend’ scheme which rewards clients, depending on their jurisdiction, every time they invite a family member or friend to trade with them.

 Additionally, for very experienced traders, the broker offers an Active Trader program.

 Clients can earn cash rebates depending on their personal trading volume and how many standard lots they’ve traded each month.

 Generally though, the Active Trader program is reserved for only professional traders, which is why most people are involved with the Pepperstone referral scheme instead.

 The referral bonus is better because you can take part at any level, even if you’re new to trading.

 Let’s take a look in more detail how it works.


Pepperstone Bonus Refer a Friend

 It’s easy to make a referral, and it just takes a few minutes to do.

 To get started you need to log in to your Pepperstone account to reach your ‘secure client area‘.

 Once you’re logged in, click on the ‘Rewards‘ tab.

 From here you can enter your contact’s email address and full name to complete the referral.

 Another option is if your friend lets the broker know that you were the one to refer them when they sign up for an account.

 During the application stages, there’s a section that asks people ‘how they know about the broker’. Here they can just enter your email address.

This way Pepperstone will know that you were the one to recommend them to your contact.

 Remember, that when the referral steps are complete, your friend must deposit and complete the requirements of your jurisdiction– otherwise the bonus money will not be sent.


Pepperstone Active Trader Program

 Pepperstone also offers an Active Trader scheme, where professional traders can save money on trading commissions, plus earn cash from forex rebates.

 So the more forex lots you trade, the higher your cash rebate will be.

 To be accepted for the Active Trader program you must trade in high volumes, and be an active Razor account holder.

 The scheme does not accept Pepperstone Standard account holders.

 That’s why rebates are only valid and processed for forex trades placed on Razor accounts.

 If you want to remain part of the Active Trader program, you must meet the broker’s volume requirements over a set 3-month period.

 All the forex rebate payments are paid daily, so when you close a position, you’ll see the funds in your trading account the next working day.

 If you think that this is something that might be suitable for you, then you should contact your personal account manager for more information. They’ll be able to tell you how to sign up as well as explain how the rebate works.


Does Pepperstone Offer a Deposit Bonus?

 No, Pepperstone doesn’t offer a deposit bonus.

 This is mainly because the broker aims to use their funds to keep providing a professional platform that offers low-cost tradingrather than pay out deposit bonuses.

 Deposit bonuses are also a grey area, especially because they are banned in Europe.

 In 2018, ESMA (the European Securities & Market Authority) introduced a rule that banned all forex bonuses.

 They introduced this to improve risk management as they felt the bonuses where attracting the wrong kind of traders.

 So since 2018, all forex & CFD brokers in Europe (and the UK), cannot offer deposit bonuses.

 However, referral bonuses are allowed, because they are not classed as an incentive bonus.

 Some forex brokers can still offer deposit bonuses, but only to their international clients that are living outside of Europe.


Is Pepperstone Safe?

 Yes, Pepperstone is a fully regulated broker, which means that they are secure to use and not a scam.

 They hold active regulation licences from both the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission), along with 5 other licences.

 Both of these are respected financial authorities who monitor many leading forex & CFD brokers.

 They make sure that brokers follow rules put in place to keep trading safe.

 For example, one rule is that brokers must let clients withdraw their funds when they want.

 Regulated brokers are also regularly audited and must follow strict anti-money laundering procedures.

 Sadly there are a lot of scam brokers out there who are unregulated.

 That’s why it’s so important to only use regulated brokers in order to keep trading secure.

 Pepperstone also uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on its platform and website to keep your personal info safe online.

 You can be reassured that the broker is safe to use and to secure to create an account with.

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