IQ Option Review – how to open a demo account and use IQ Option App

Here is all you need to know about the broker IQ Option. With our IQ Option review, how to open an account with IQ Option, its characteristics and its free demo account you can learn more about it.

Let’s discover together the opportunities to trade Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrency with one of the best brokers of this year.

iq option review

Here is our IQ Option review which was started in 2013 for binary options and has now become one of the leaders for Forex&CFDs trading.

To trade Forex you need to open an account with a secure and regulated broker. IQ Option is one of those. Let’s see some details about them.

Is IQ Option a scam or is it regulated?

When discussing online trading and the opportunity to make money, people should ask themselves- is IQ Option a scam broker or a regulated broker?

This is why before starting any trading it’s always useful to check if the broker is regulated.

IQ Option is a Cysec regulated broker. Its license number is Cysec 247/14 and this means that it’s safe and secure to trade with.

On top of that the broker also has:

  • regulated broker by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) number 670182
  • regulated broker by Consob in Italy with the license number 0008204/15
  • regulated broker by CNMV in Spain with the number  3867
  • regulated broker by Regafi in France with the number 75119
  • regulated broker in the register of AFM for the Netherlands
  • regulated broker by Finantsinspektsioon for Estonia
  • regulated broker by ČNB for the Czech Republic

IQ Option characteristics

iqoption review

This broker uses a very simple and intuitive trading platform. It’s the perfect choice for beginners and also more expert traders. We have explained in the homepage about the importance of a good trading platform:

Some key details:

  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimum investment: $1
  • Demo account
  • Leverage: up to 1:30 (*Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions)
  • Assets: 100+ (CFDs, Forex, ETF, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities)
  • Mobile App: yes

Open a Free Trading Account

*Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk

The main attraction with IQ Option for a lot of beginners is that you can start trading with a low minimum deposit. It’s the only broker where it’s possible to start just with $10.

This fact combined with the minimum trade of only $1 allows new traders to test the platform with a very low risk.

Another important factor in forex trading is the leverage. IQ Option is one of those brokers where it’s possible to set up a different leverage for every trade.

There are also more than 100 different assets with which to trade in with this broker: all the currencies, ETF, indexes, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

In particular, their crypto trading offer is quite interesting because IQ Option has been one of the first brokers to introduce crypto trading in 2017.

How to open an account with IQ Option

iqoption account

Opening an account with IQ Option is very simple and fast.

It’s just necessary to fill the signup form with some standard details and then to click on the big green button saying “open an account for free“.

Yes, you read correctly, open a trading account is for free!

It’s also possible to sign up directly in the broker using any personal Facebook or Google details. But if you don’t want to share that information then that’s fine too.

To sign up you just need to fill the form with your name, email and password, then in less than 1 minute, you have your new trading account.

The second step is making the first deposit. A deposit is money that you put in your trading account and you will use for your trades.

The minimum deposit with IQ Option is just $10, so it’s really accessible for everybody.

Click here to open your first trading account with IQ Option.

Open a Free Trading Account

*Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk

How to trade with IQ Option

IQ Option also has a user-friendly interface. The broker has its own interactive trading platform with all the key features included on one screen.

iqoption trading

The first thing to do is to select the asset where you want to trade, by clicking the plus symbol on the top bar.

From there a trader has the opportunity to choose between a vast list of crypto, Forex, CFDs and stocks assets.

To set up the levels of stop loss and take profit, leverage, the amount to trade plus the buy or sell you need to operate in the column on the right side of the screen. From there it’s possible to select the minimum trade which is from $1.

Finally, to open the position you just need to click on ‘sell’ or ‘buy’.

At the top bar of your screen, it’s possible to control the opened trades and to close them manually at any time.

As you see trading with this broker is very simple. All you need is on one screen, plus you can also take advantage of the market analysis and video tutorials on the left side of the screen.

If you are not an expert trader, watching some tutorials to learn how to trade and use the platform is worth your time. Like this, you can avoid some basic mistakes and optimize your chance to be profitable.

Trading CFDs on football Teams

iqoption review

Just before the beginning of this Worldcup in Russia 2018, the broker has introduced the possibility to trade stocks of some of the majors’ football teams in the world.

All the trades are made through CFDs, so you will never really but any team share.

The football teams are Manchester United, Lyon, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Lazio S.S.C. and A.S. Rome.

You can find this option in the top bar and you can select the product. Football has always been one of the main sports in the world, and this new product attracted even more traders than before.

IQ Option App

IQ Option is considered one of the most technologically advanced trading platforms. It’s also been one of the first brokers to launch its own mobile App with a demo acount integrated.

The IQ Option App is available for Android and iOS.

You can download it directly from the broker website or from the App Store.

Having a trading App is very useful for everybody because it allows you to trade 24/7 in any place. So no need to be all the time in front of your laptop, when you can trade with just one click on your mobile.

IQ Option Mobile Version

The broker IQ Option has a very good mobile version to open an account real or demo and trade with. To access the mobile version it’s just necessary to click on the green buttons on this page using a mobile device.

You can realize that you are on the mobile version because the interface adapts perfectly on your mobile screen and because the URL website has an “m” at the beginning.

Trading with the mobile version is exactly the same as trading with the web version. The real account and demo accounts are the same. The available assets and market hours are the same too.

On top of that, it’s even better because you can trade from every place you are and every time you want.

Open a Free Trading Account

*Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk

Cryptocurrency Trading in IQ Option

cryptocurrency trading iq option

IQ Option has been the first broker to introduce cryptocurrency trading. In 2017 when Bitcoin boomed, it was possible to invest in Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies on the website.

Now a trader can buy crypto through CFDs, and there is the chance to trade them with other normal currencies such as American Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Yen, etc.

There isn’t just the Bitcoin available, but also Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Dash, Stellar and many more.

When trading this kind of assets, the maximum leverage is 1:5 because of their high volatility, but the spread is on the average with the normal currencies one.

It is possible to trade cryptocurrency with real money and also with the demo account.

An interesting offer the broker put on the market was a Token that every trader could buy to use for their daily trading activity or just for speculation holding it and waiting for value growth.

Obviously, if you are not used to trading cryptocurrencies, you can always train yourself and do some tests using the demo account where all the assets are available.

IQ Option demo account

When you open a trading account with the broker IQ Option, you can also decide to practice using the IQ Option demo account.

A demo account is a trading account where it’s possible to trade virtual money. It represents the perfect choice for those traders who want to train and practice their strategies without risk.

So all the money you lose is just virtual money, but on the other side, all the money you win is virtual too.

IQ Option offers the opportunity to use a demo account for free and without any first deposit required.

The balance in the IQ Option demo account is $10.000 and the minimum trade is just $1, so you can trade for as long as you need!

Open a Free Trading Account

*Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk

IQ Option Support

iqoption support

IQ Option is a Russian Broker. Over the years it started to grow also in the European market. This means that today the platform is available in many languages:

  • english
  • german
  • spanish
  • italian
  • russian
  • french
  • portuguese
  • norwegian
  • Indonesian
  • chinese
  • polish
  • turkish
  • urdu
  • hindi

In case of questions about the broker, demo account or every other topic, it’s possible to contact the helpful support service.

At the bottom of every trader account, there is a customer service phone number or a live chat available in every language.

IQ Option withdrawal and deposit

iqoption withdraw

To start trading is necessary a deposit. Every broker requires it.

The broker has different payment methods you can use:

  • credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • bank wire transfer
  • Skrill and Neteller

The fastest options are credit card or one of the Moneybookers. A wire transfer usually takes 4 working days.

To withdrawal your earnings it’s possible to follow one of the above methods. In this case, IQ option is one of the fastest in the market.

In fact, your money will return within just 1 working day.

IQ Option Education

IQ Option offers to his clients also the opportunity to learn forex trading. This is an important opportunity the broker has introduced.

The offer is not structured like other brokers with Webinars, Live-Trading or Ebooks.

It consists of building a free blog where information and strategies are shared in order to help newbies to learn more about forex trading. On top of that don’t forget the opportunity to trade with a demo account.

The main topics are:

  • Trading Strategies
  • Technical Analysis
  • Indicators
  • Candlestick

All the most important elements present in trading are explained in this free educational blog.

Iq Option Strategy

Iq Option is a trading platform where it’s possible to use a lot of trading strategies. We have already explained the main strategies on the page “forex trading strategy”.

Since the broker provides Forex and CFDs, the most used Iq Option strategy is the technical analysis. In the trading platform is also possible to use different indicators, Fibonacci and drow supports, and resistances.

These are techniques helping a trader in his trading activity which can be tested in a demo account.


To sum up the IQ Option review it’s clear that this broker is perfect for different types of traders.

It’s possible to start trading just with $10 and open very small positions from $1. The platform is modern and user-friendly.

Plus it’s very easy to understand how much money is involved in a single trade without the calculation of lots or minilots.

Finally, the opportunity to use the IQ Option demo account for free to train and build confidence with the platform makes it a good opportunity for everybody.

Open a Free Trading Account

*Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk

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