How to invest in Ethereum – The Complete Guide


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What is Ethereum? Let’s see what this cryptocurrency is and how to buy it or simply how to invest in Ethereum.

how to invest in ethereum

Ethereum, after Bitcoin, is the most popular cryptocurrency. In 2017, it has seen its value booming like all the other crypto, and becoming suddenly stable on the beginning of 2018.

But let’s see now what it is exactly, what is its function and provide a proper guide on how to invest in Ethereum.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is known as a cryptocurrency and more in detail it is an open software platform based on blockchain which enables developers to develop decentralized apps and software.

The token in this web 2.0 is called Ether. So differently to Bitcoin which is a pear to peer payment system, Ethereum has the goal to be a decentralized web where people can develop and trade new applications and software.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Corruption & Temper proof: all the software are developed around a consensus system;
  • Secure: with the decentralization concept the system become more secure than others;
  • No downtime: in this platform apps are never down;
  • Immutability: a third party can not change the code.


What is the Ethereum price?

The price of Ethereum boomed in April 2017 growing to 374$ in July 2017. In that period all the cryptocurrencies, in general, grew exponentially.

At the end of the year and mainly on January 2018 the price reached the 1300$ seeing then a critical drop till now.

At the moment, in September 2018 is stable at around 250$. for many people now we are seeing a moment of stability in the market. For others now it is a good moment to buy the cryptocurrency expecting a boom like last year.

A third solution could be investing in Ethereum on a trading platform. Let’s see how!


How to invest in Ethereum

For people who want to make profits in Ethereum in a short-middle term, the best solution is to trade it with CFDs.

A CFD is a Contract for Difference which allows a single person to trade some currencies, indexes or cryptocurrencies in our case, through a broker and its trading platform.

The good thing about a CFD is that either the price grows up or falls down, the trader can make a profit. In our case, this means that if the price of Ethereum grows up or drops down, the investor has the opportunity to earn money in either way just investing in it.

Considering how volatile Ethereum was in the last months, it is clear how much profits could have been done investing in it.

Investing in CFDs is even more convenient because it is a regulated product, differently than binary options.

For all these reasons it’s more convenient for investing in Ethereum than buying it.

Investing in Ethereum

There are many trading platforms where it’s possible to start investing in Ethereum with CFDs. A lot of brokers offer this opportunity today.

Our team tested all of them and here there is a list of the best trading platforms to invest in Ethereum.

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