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Many online brokers offer their users access to various educational tools to help them grow and develop as traders.

Educational features can include free webinars and video tutorials which cover many topics. It’s all designed to help beginners to learn to trade. When finding a broker it’s worth seeing what education tools are available on the platform.

There are usually listed the basic skills for beginners. There you’ll learn the key terms you should know for trading, as well as how to open and close a trade.

Once the beginner lessons are complete there are normally lessons aimed at intermediate and advanced knowledge levels.

Another educational feature that is commonly offered by brokers are live trading sessions and webinars. This will be a planned event that you can join to watch live via the platform with special guest speakers.

Among some of the educational offers we’ve seen, IQ Option has quite an impressive range of educational tools to help you learn to trade.

Let’s take a closer look at the broker.

Learn to trade with IQ Option

iq option

IQ Option is an internation online broker that is well known for having one of the lowest minimum deposits in the market. The broker is also known for their educational tools which can be used by members to develop their trading knowledge.

In this post we’ll be taking a look at the IQ Option education tools and videos available and what topics are covered. Education is important because there are many things to learn about trading, and the more knowledge you have the more likely you’re to do better with your investments.

First though, let’s take a quick look at the background of IQ Option.

IQ Option regulation

The broker was founded in 2013, by a Russian man called Dmitry Zaretsky.

Regarding regulation, IQ Option is fully regulated and holds multiple operation licences from CySEC (no.274/14), the FCA (670182), and a few other authorities.

You can read more abut it on our IQ Option review here.

That’s why we always check the award and regulation status of any broker before listing them on this site, to ensure that you are secure and protected against fraudulent brokers.

One other thing to mention is the broker’s incredibly low minimum deposit amount. Most online brokers charge a minimum deposit that can range from $50 up to $300, depending on the account type of course. Well, IQ Option does have one of the lowest first deposit amounts in the market which is set at $10!

Such a low minimum deposit means that it’s possible to start trading without spending too much money on the first deposit. This is perfect for anyone who may have a more limited trading budget for instance.

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IQ Option Education

Now to take a look at the education and training available with the broker.

iq option tutorial

IQ Option offers a dedicated video tutorial hub on the platform. There you can find all the info on many various topics, grouped together in one place.

learn to trade iq option

There is a menu showing the different video categories to choose from including:

  • Options Trading

  • FX Options

  • CFD Trading

  • Technical Analysis

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Market News

  • Crypto Digest

To explore the videos under each menu just click on the option you want to explore. The broker also highlight on the category menu if there have been any new videos added recently.

Besides the various trading categories, there is also a general ‘About Us’ option, which features some company videos about the broker and what they stand for.

We would recommend that you think about which topic area you would like to learn more about and work through the video tutorials. However, we were very impressed with the general video quality and the amount of topics covered.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading, then one category that we would recommend keeping an active eye on is the ‘Crypto Digest’. Located there are all the latest videos that feature the latest events and news affecting the CFD cryptocurrency world. Whether it is a new blockchain based project or updates regarding cryptocurrencies, all the updates will be featured in the videos.

Another interesting tutorial group to follow is the Market News videos, especially if you’re into stock and share trading. The video series there will explore the latest topics affecting the global financial markets and see how major companies are dealing with volatility and price fluctuations.

Tutorials in IQ Option

iq option education

To view the education videos, you can either watch them on the platform after logging in to your IQ Option account with your credentials. Or you can watch them directly on the broker’s official website for free, you don’t have to be a current user to watch.

Any education tools that are offered by brokers are a great bonus to all traders. So with the IQ Option education anyone, including you, can improve and learn their trading knowledge.

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