What is EOS crypto and how to buy it?

EOS is the most popular cryptocurrency of the last months. The virtual coin developed by the company Block.One has become the one which has been funded the most in the last period. In fact the Black.One ICO received about 4 billion euro in less than 1 year, making the EOS crypto the biggest in the history.

eos crypto

This is the main reason why many traders want to buy it or trade with the EOS crypto.

At the moment EOS is the 5th best cryptocurrency in the world with a price of:

  • $11.076.761.014 USD
  • 1.477.257 BTC (Bitcoin)

In 2018 EOS is having the best trend compare to all the other cryptocurrencies. In fact if Bitcoin and Ethereum reached their highest pick in January 2018, EOS crypto did it in May 2018.

But what is EOS?

EOS is a network where it’s possible to develop mobile Apps. It runs in the Ethereum network and all the Apps developed in EOS can be traded in the Ethereum environment itself.

The name EOS is the acronym of Ethereum Operating System, which means that all the operating systems (App) can be developed and traded in the Ethereum environment. To make it simple it’s like Ethereum, but just for Apps.

The Ethereum concept of creating a decentralized environment where Apps can be developed and traded for very low costs attracted a lot of attentions from many investors. Developing and buying Apps in EOS is cheaper that the other markets, and exactly because of its low commission costs, the EOS crypto boomed few months ago.

Where to trade EOS?

EOS can be found in all the trading platforms in the market. Many people decide to buy the EOS crypto, but many others prefer to trade it and earn money on its growth in the CFDs market.

Trading means doing pure speculation on a maket movement (EOS in our case) adn it’s possible to earn money either if the price grows up or drops down. Buying EOS means own it and use it in the future.

If a user hasn’t any interest in buying the EOS crypto, it’s usually better to proceed in trading it.

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