Best Forex Indicators for Beginners – How to use them in Scalping and Intraday Trading

In this article, we will list the best Forex Indicators for beginners and which ones are the best for a scalping strategy and for an intraday trading strategy. All these indicators can be found in every trading platform, either it is a private one or on the mt4.


best forex indicators


If you are starting now with your trading career, it’s better if you read this article before making any fatal mistake!


What is Forex?

Forex means Foreign Exchange, as it is the exchange of currencies. The trading volume is between three and four trillion US dollars per day, which is why traders cannot realize such high sums as any other financial instruments. The most important traders in Forex are large international banks and financial institutions, but now more and more private investors are involved.

Currency trading takes place on broker’s online platforms, where forex traders speculate on rising or falling rates for certain currency pairs. Most often the main pairs are traded, which always include the USD, eg EUR / USD or the currency pair CHF / USD.

Beginners should look for a free demo account so they can learn Forex trading from scratch and then develop a successful strategy.

It is important to know the extensive functionality of the selected trading platform really well so that the full potential can be exploited. For example, the best online platform will not do much good if the numerous indicators and trading tools are not properly set up.

A forex strategy using indicators provides objective trading signals and can be implemented either manually or automatically. The best Forex indicators can be used to pursue very different strategic approaches. The performance of strategies is measured using a few key figures. The quintessence of all forex indicators is derived from the price value, which is updated over a longer period of its own line and can be graphically displayed with a chart program. Modern chart programs contain at least a few dozens, often even several hundred forex indicators. An indicator has certain characteristics that are considered significant in terms of future market performance.


The 5 Best Forex Indicators for Beginners

In order to explain the benefits of different forex indicators exactly, we now briefly introduce the five most popular Forex indicators for traders and briefly explain their function.

1. Bollinger Bands

Traders determine the current market volatility with the Bollinger Bands. In a low market volatility, the bands narrow, with increasing volatility they expand accordingly – in addition, the outer edges of the Bollinger bands can also be used as support and resistance lines.


We have already explained the function of the MACD extensively, but also this forex indicator belongs to the most popular indicators of the traders. They can use it to recognize trends and trend reversals early and to react accordingly when trading forex, as soon as one of the MAs crosses the other.

3. Parabolic SAR

The Parabolic SAR strategy (SAR = Stop and Reversal) is based primarily on points above or below the current price. Traders use these points to determine a trend reversal and stop loss. The SAR works best in trend markets.

4.The moving averages

Indicators can be roughly subdivided into trend-following indicators and oscillators. The simplest conceivable (trend following) indicator is a simple moving average with n periods. For its calculation, the last n period-end closing prices (sometimes or, in the case of corresponding parameter settings, also mean, high or low prices) are added together and divided by n. Moving averages in this form are smooth trendlines, but offer a big advantage over them: they can be integrated into trading systems.

5. RSI

We have also seen the Relative Strenght Index: The RSI also indicates overbought and oversold market conditions, similar to the Stochastic, but in addition, the RSI can also be used as a trend confirmation. If the price moves above the 50 marks, there is an uptrend, with a price below the 50 marks a downward trend accordingly. Of course, the five most popular forex indicators are the MACD and the RSI we mentioned earlier, but traders are also convinced of the Stochastic, the Parabolic SAR and the Bollinger Bands. Each of these forex indicators can help to provide a better overview of different market situations and help to develop promising trading strategies.


Best Forex Indicators for Scalping


best forex indicators for scalping


Scalping (to scalp) is a trading method based on a real-time technical analysis. The main objective of a scalping strategy is to achieve small profits by buying (long) or selling (shorting) currency pairs (or even other instruments like CFDs ) over a very short period of time. Often it only seconds to minutes.

Examples of how the scalping strategy can work:

Open a long position with EUR / USD. The spread is 2 and the stop loss is 10 pips. After 30 seconds, the position reaches the target profit mark of 3 pips. Close it manually to take the profit of 3 pips.

They open a short position with the currency pair GBP / USD. The spread is 3 and the stop loss is 10 pips. In this case, the targeted profit is 4.5 pips. Assuming the position is against you and closed by the stop loss, you would have lost 10 pips.

Indicators when scalping

In addition to the normal charting technique, scalping naturally involves relying on a few indicators to generate buy or sell signals. One can use a single indicator in addition to the chart analysis to confirm a signal or combine several indicators to generate a buy or sell signal. Some indicators that are good for scalping are:

  • Moving Average Indicator
  • RSI indicator
  • Stochastic indicator
  • MACD indicator

Scalping strategy with the RSI indicator

This is an example strategy on how to apply the scalping strategy using indicators like the RSI Oscillator.

Trading takes place in the M1 (1 minute) to M5 (5 minutes) chart. Set the RSI indicator to the following values: 14; 70; 30. However, these values are already present in most trading platforms. For easier recognition of chart features, we recommend setting the chart to candlesticks.

Now watch the chart and wait for the RSI indicator to signal the over-bought or oversold market in the selected time slot. If prices break the 70s range of the indicator, it means that the market is overbought. Now one waits, whether the course a moment in the overbought area (thus over 70) hold.

As soon as the indicator leaves the overbought area. The take profit brands are difficult to specify as they are heavily dependent on the trade and time frame chosen. In the 5 minute chart, a profit of 5 – 10 pips should already be taken or hedged. Conversely, Long goes when the price moves oversold for a while and then leaves the 30’s range at the top.

In both scenarios, one should always keep an eye on the higher-level time slots and pay attention to possible areas of support or resistance. To make it even safer, the RSI indicator can also be set to the values 80 and 20. Although fewer signals are generated, the reliability of the signals increases for it.


Best Forex Indicators for Intraday Trading


best forex indicators for intraday trading


Most traders are looking for a classic intraday strategy that can deliver good performance with relatively low risk and short duration. The Intraday Reversion Strategy for the DAX Future beats right in that score. The residence time is a maximum of 30 minutes. There is, therefore, no risk of overnighting and the hard stop-loss makes other risks manageable. In addition, this strategy is ideally suited to build a well-diversified portfolio.

The approach of intraday reversion strategy

The first task is to locate a period of weakness in the price performance of the DAX Future (FDAX). For this, we look back from the current 30-minute candle to three 30-minute candles.

Now compare the lowest price of these three periods with the lowest price of the next candle. The first condition is met if the course of the follower candle is deeper. If a further low is marked in the following candle, the second condition is fulfilled.

Simply put, there must be a series of two consecutive lows in the 30-minute chart of the FDAX. Subsequently, the next condition of the intraday reversion strategy can be addressed.

Indicators for Intraday Strategy

Let us now turn to the indicators used. The strategy uses two indicators:

  • Moving Average (simple moving average, short-SMA) with a period setting of five.
  • Average True Range (ATR) with a period setting of 140.
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