About Us

Tradingonlineguide.com is a project that was created with the goal that online trading should be open to all, which is why we want to share our knowledge with you in a clear and simple way.

As a team with a background in trading, and having met many people wanting to start trading for themselves but without the necessary knowledge, we decided to start this project.

That’s why we’ve created complete and easy to follow guides on online trading, forex trading and cryptocurrency trading.

For each of our trading guides, we go through how a demo account works as well as the main forex trading strategies that you should know about.
Cryptocurrency is still a big market topic, so we also have detailed guides on some of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the world and how they work.

Finally, an important section of our website is our reviews for the best online brokers.

We have reviewed only regulated American brokers and International brokers using various metrics for our reviews in order to give you the most transparent broker guides.

Most importantly we only ever list regulated and fully licensed brokers. Your security is very important to us, and we check the credentials of every broker before reviewing. That’s why we follow a strict list of pledges (see below).

For each review are listed the Pros and Cons of each platform, their licences, a guide on how to open an account, a guide on the demo account, how to trade, how to deposit and withdraw, and each broker’s unique features.

Finally, in our blog section we publish weekly new articles focusing on the latest trading topics and most recent market news.

In case of questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are a small team behind the website, and we value your support, so thank you for visiting.

Happy Trading!


Our Pledges: 

  • We only ever review fully regulated and legit broker platforms.
  • We never promote or deal with Forex products/software that promise to make you rich quickly
  • To present the latest and most accurate trading and broker information for you to make your own judgement.

 We are not a:

  • broker company
  • money management service – we don’t trade for you
  • get-rich-quick website – trading does not work like this, so we don’t sell products promising this